Gates to stay on as SecDef

Posted on November 26, 2008


Reports are that Obama is going to retain Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. Let me be clear about this – I think this is a great decision. Gates has proven himself to be quite capable, and with two conflicts currently underway, bringing in someone completely new would be a disaster.

It’s the only Cabinet choice I like so far. It appears that a lot of his team are going to be retreads from the Clinton administration. I understand the need to surround yourself with “competent” people, but it only serves to underscore Obama’s own inexperience, and it makes that ubiquitous campaign slogan of “Change, Change, Change” ring just a tad hollow, particularly after he spent so much time highlighting the so-called “failed” wartime policies of the Bush administration. Rehiring the guy that’s running those “failed policies” just shows it was all just hot gas to score some votes.

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