Here I am, and here I’ll stay.

Posted on November 26, 2008


Well, now I’m here and I’ve embarked on the great and sometimes tortuous journey that is Internet blogging. I have a lot of musings and opinions on a great many things, some inane, some interesting. I hope any who come here to visit find this place at the least entertaining, and every once in a while, stimulating to their own thought process.

This is going to be a blog about current events of all kinds, stuff in the news, and the things that affect a lot of us. This isn’t going to be another blog about how cute someone’s dog looked this morning, or how bad this season of The Hills is, or how great this breakfast burrito is. No, I’d like to offer you my opinions and observations on what we see going on in the world today.

That means that inevitably, I’ll probably express a view you disagree with. That’s OK – it’s great, in fact, as a vigorous public dialogue is one of the great strengths of this country. I’ll try to present reasonable rationalizations for my arguments, and I’ll hope you’ll do the same.

Now, a bit about me:

I’m a 27-year-old husband and father of one beautiful daughter residing the great Buckeye state of Ohio. My day job is in the microbiology field, I have played guitar for 13 years, and aspire to one day write science fiction novels. I’m Catholic and tend to be conservative in most of my views, but by no means do I bear blind allegiance to a political party. I love football, and I’m a fan of The Ohio State University, and a long-suffering supporter of the Cincinnati Bengals. I very much appreciate an irreverent, even sarcastic, sense of humor, but I also respect the importance of gravity of those things which demand it.

Anyway, I’m glad you stopped by, and I hope you’ll come back. Take it easy till then.

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