The greatest rivalry in college football

Posted on November 26, 2008



As I mentioned, I’m an unashamed Buckeyes football fan. Yes, I was completely heartbroken the last two years as they’ve gotten clobbered in the national title games. But there’s one thing you can always look forward to every year, and that’s the annual game against that School from Up North.

This year, Michigan is a complete joke. The game was competitive early, but Ohio State just blew the doors off early in the second half as the Wolverines just looked flat out undermanned. It’s gratifying to blow out your rival and get that win (especially five in a row – kudos to you, Tressel!) but at the same time it means more if Michigan fields a decent team.

The Wolverines will be better next year, but with all their youth, they may still struggle as Rich Rodriguez begins to install the much-vaunted spread offense. In the meantime, Penn State is headed to the Rose Bowl, and the Buckeyes prepare for a bowl against a possible *gulp* SEC opponent.

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