Dmitry and Vladimir: Hugo’s new BFFs!

Posted on November 28, 2008


"No, Dmitry, THIS is the way you slash a constitution to shreds."

Great news for the Western Hemisphere! Apparently Russia, that long-standing champion of one-party rule and totalitarianism, will be assisting the Chavez regime in developing a nuclear program. The same article cites recent arms sales from Russia to Venezuela nearing $4 billion. And don’t forget the Russian warships sailing blissfully into a Venezuelan port.

No worries, though! Comrade Medvedev assures us that this activity “isn’t directed at one nation.” Great! I totally believe you! That makes me feel a lot better!

Medvedev, besides Peru and Brazil, is also visiting Cuba on his tour. The fact that Russia is appearing to strengthen ties with socialist countries in Latin and South America ought to be troubling especially as relations have cooled to arctic levels over the Georgia issue.  The Monroe Doctrine, which might have provided a policy reason to oppose Russian interference, has sadly been dead since we allowed China to purchase the Panama Canal Zone.

One other thought: do you know who else Russia has offered to assist in her nuclear ambitions? That’s right, Iran! Which means that very soon, Mahmoud might get invited to the treehouse …


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