Bust out the bags – the Bengals are an embarassment

Posted on December 1, 2008



Admittedly, the bags could have been brought out a while ago, but after getting shellacked 37-3 by their division rival, the Bengals are officially back to all their ’90’s glory.

I’ve given up watching most games this season, but I caught the last few minutes on the radio as I was driving home from work on Saturday. The offense is, in a word, inept. The Ravens held the ball for nearly three whole quarters in the final tally, and a defense that isn’t that impressive is made even worse by having to be on the field for so long.

This brings their record to a whopping 1-10-1, with the last “1” being the first tie in the NFL in six years (yes, Donovan McNabb, you can have ties in the NFL). As it stands now, they’re on track for the third overall draft pick. Carson Palmer hasn’t played in weeks, and no one on this team, save for TJ and few others, is playing at a professional level.

The outlook doesn’t look great for next year, either. Until it’s learned what exactly is going on with Palmer’s elbow, it might be premature to count on him for the 2009 campaign. Chad Johnson will most likely, and thankfully, be gone; unfortunately, TJ Houshmandzadeh will probably be gone as well. No one else looks like they’ve got any potential, and despite that high pick, they’ll butcher it for one reason:

Mike Brown.

Yes, you can lay blame on head coach Marvin Lewis, but the Chris Henry fiasco made it plain that owner Brown makes the final call on personnel matters. And personnel matters, to be blunt, suck. Offense and defense are in total disarray. Normally, you could blame a team’s general manager for some of that, too. Problem is, the Bengals don’t have a GM, and probably won’t under Brown. Add to that the most anemic scouting department in the league, and you begin to understand why the Bengals have so many disappointing drafts, so many free agent screw-ups, so many bad decisions when it comes to which players you’re putting in uniform.

I’m beginning to come to the sad conclusion that the Bengals will never be a consistently good team under Mike Brown, no matter what head coach is brought in or what marquee player is signed. The system is too dysfunctional, and success comes despite that system, and not because of it.

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