Saxby wins, the nation is spared a Dem supermajority

Posted on December 3, 2008


Senate Georgia


It’s offical, Saxby Chambliss has defeated Jim Martin for Georgia’s Senate seat. I know this was supposed to be a real nailbiter, but I would have been shocked if Martin had won in conservative Georgia, and Chambliss’ 20 point victory margin is about what I figured. I’m also not sure if the support of Ludacris helped or hurt Martin (oh, wait, yeah I do…).

The win ensures Democrats can’t have a filibuster-proof majority, no matter what the outcome of the Minnesota race. Now that the stakes have been significantly lowered for that race, look for Dems to begin to distance themselves from failed comedian Al Franken, already somewhat of an odious figure, as he looks more and more like a sore loser in that recount battle. I see Norm Coleman holding onto his seat there.

The sad thing is, even with these wins, there’s nothing stopping all the RINOs from crossing party lines and siding with the Dems in a filibuster vote anyway. Indeed, Chambliss and Coleman might very well be some of those ilk, along with Sen. Lindsey Graham, Ohio’s own weeping Sen. Voinovich, and yes, our failed Presidential nominee McCain. At least now, the left cannot exert such an overt influence over the Senate.

Interesting times ahead, for sure.

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