Media bias: “Just making it official”

Posted on December 16, 2008



It now appears the Washington bureau chief for TIME magazine will now become Joe Biden’s communications director. Jay Carney has been serving as an “objective” journalist for 20 years, and I suppose the only way up from there is to become a Democratic press aide.

This quote from a Democratic official involved in Carney’s hiring had this to say:

“There are those on the right who will see this as the embodiment of their assertions about the media and Obama, and this is just making it official.”

Glad to see they’re being so brazen about it, although this shouldn’t be taken too lightly. That the Washington bureau chief of a widely published and respected news magazine, responsible for shaping public opinion on a variety of issues and figures, is in such support of a particular party that he would go work for them immediately following a hotly battled election should raise a few eyebrows as to the so-called objectivity and neutrality of the news media.

I have seen some erroneous comparisons to Tony Snow, but it should be noted that Mr. Snow began first in the Reagan administration before ending up at Fox News and eventually transferring back into a political role for the Bush administration. Snow, therefore, had a prior political background one could take into consideration. Not so with Mr. Carney. That an important media member would have a left-leaning bent comes as no surprise to many, but it should remind us that journalists, whether subtle or overt, carry their own biases into their reporting and analyses, and the public would be well-served to take these leanings into consideration when digesting the news.

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