The shoe heard ’round the world

Posted on December 16, 2008



Much ado has already been made worldwide over the shoe chucked at President Bush by a journalist for an Egyptian-based television broadcaster. Arabs are hailing Munthatar al Zaidi as a hero and demanding his immediate release (which I’m sure will happen). Shoe jokes and images have gone viral over the Internet and TV, and we’ve all been reminded as nauseum how offensive a shoe is to the Muslim world.

It could be seen as some final indictment of Bush’s policies in the Middle East. It could serve as a stark contrast to the Hussein days in Iraq when Mr. al Zaidi would have been shot dead on the spot. Myself, I just think it’s a somewhat disrepectful political statement that bears some irony but also deserves some sad reflection.

UPDATE: Patterico has a more cogently framed argument against the shoe hubbub. Makes sense. He is a lawyer.

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