Get ready for four years of Obama-ogling

Posted on December 23, 2008


On a very fundamental level, none of the to-do about how great the POTUS-Elect’s bod is important or relevant. I suppose that’s why it’s so annoying to me that so much seems to be made out of it.

Maybe you remember the video of press members swooning over Obama’s jeans. I know during the campaign there were a few breathless photos of Obama vacationing on the beach with no shirt. Now we have more OMG-inducing pics, distributed by a photography agency more used to pimping celebrity shots.

Perhaps it’s the continued American Idolization of our culture that depresses and frustrates me with all the cooing praise over Obama’s “chiseled” physique. We have sadly become a nation obsessed with the superficiality of celebrity, and this fascination has finally merged into the political world after an election that seemed to be more about “People” covers than actual ideas.

Wanna drool over the C-inC’s toned abs? I have no problem with that, although I personally may need some Eye Bleach, as Michelle Malkin suggests. I have a feeling that you’ll get plenty of opportunity over the next four years to gaze at the presidential paparazzi shots packing the supermarket tabloids. In the meantime, I’ll simply be waiting for Obama to put forth an effective approach to the problems facing our country. Just call me old-fashioned, I guess.

(Update 12/29): Michelle Malkin and the Anchoress remind us of the difference between the media’s slobbering over Obama and Bush’s “creepy obession” with fitness.

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