TCU vs. Boise St and the BCS untouchables

Posted on December 24, 2008


In a non-BCS bowl that many were looking forward to, the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs beat the Boise State Broncos 17-16 in one of the best football games this season. It ends Boise’s hopes for another undefeated season, and I must confess a soft spot for the Broncos after their improbable upset of Oklahoma. But I don’t begrudge TCU their win, as they’ve now entered the national sports vocabulary. 

And it brings me to this thought: we have Division I-A and Division I-AA (now known as FBS and FCS, respectively). Last I checked, Boise St, TCU, Utah (we’ll see how they fare against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl), Hawaii, Brigham Young University – all of these schools met the requirements to be FBS teams. Yet because of their taint of being in non-BCS conferences like the Mountain West and the WAC, they are near radioactive, and it takes close to an act of God to get them in decent postseason play.

So in reality, we truly have three divisions: FCS (former Div I-AA), FBS (former Div I-A), and what we now must call the “Untouchables,” – FBS teams that meet requirements but because of their “weak” conferences are relegated to an odd purgatory where they aren’t small enough to compete in an FCS national playoff, but they aren’t big enough to garner enough respect to the BCS committee for postseason opportunity.

If we keep the current system, we need to recognize the bowls for what they are – fun matchups of popular teams that provide great entertainment but in no way decide a final pecking order. If some sort of ultimate championship is desired, the system must be retooled. As for me, I’ll be rooting for the Utes to upset the Tide Jan. 2nd (and for my Buckeyes to upset the Longhorns Jan. 5th).

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