Conflict in Gaza

Posted on December 29, 2008


All eyes are on the Middle East as Israel strikes Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for missile attacks launched from Gaza shortly after Hamas declared an end to a truce on Dec. 19th. Let’s hope a ground campaign isn’t warranted.

Blogger Israellycool has been liveblogging the conflict (Heads up from MM). Debbie Schlussel also provides some interesting and illuminating perspective.

Some such as French President Nicolas Sarkozy have called Israel’s response “disproportionate.” I tend to side with Israel when it comes to her defense. It ought to be noted that the IDF takes great pains to hit military and terrorist targets, while the other side intentionally targets civilians in pizza parlors, dance clubs, synagogues, etc. Israelis and Palestinians must learn to coexist, but this is going to prove impossible as long as one side is committed to the absolute destruction of the other.

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