Rumors of U.S. demise are greatly exaggerated

Posted on December 29, 2008


So China notes the “waning strength” of America and a Russian professor predicts the break-up of the U.S. by 2010 (Heads up from Patterico).

I think that timetable might be a tad on the alarmist side. America has tough times ahead, but the bell has not yet tolled for our great nation.

True, we must be vigilant and resilient in the face of international meltdowns that threaten the Middle East, India and Pakistan, and remain watchful of a slowly coalescing cadre of communist/socialist nations that seek to undermine our best interests. And we must guard against domestic policies that play on fears of economic hardship to wrest away freedom and self-determination.

Yes, these are grim times, but we have faced them before. A storm may be coming, but we can weather it. And as eager as some may be to write our nation’s epitaph, that day has not yet arrived. America’s people are strong and whatever is headed down the path of history, we’ll face it and succeed.


Or maybe we really are screwed. 😉

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