2008: The year man-made global warming died

Posted on December 30, 2008



A tremendous editorial in the pages of the Telegraph debunks a lot of the global warming hysteria of the past decade.

I have long thought man-made global warming to be a purely political contrivance to force economic and social change down the throats of those “threatened.” One need only consider that surface temperatures on all planets in the solar system have risen slightly, indicating whatever warming effect present is due to activity of the Sun. Add to this consideration for present-day volcanism, and considering we have had warm periods in the past without the presence of evil SUVs, and you begin to see that perhaps Al Gore might not be might the climate prophet he styles himself to be.

Make no mistake – I am a conservationist. We ought to be good stewards of this planet and of its natural resources. I am not, however, an environmentalist, and there is a difference. There seems to be a certain misanthropic quality to environmentalists, as if the human race were a plague and a scourge upon the pristine beauty of our planet. Ask them how to get rid of this scourge, and you may get some interesting answers.

In any case, I doubt this will silence the debate. But as the article notes, people are beginning to realize that there are more pressing and more concrete issues to deal with in today’s world.

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