Buckeyes’ hearts ripped out as Texas wins

Posted on January 6, 2009


The hearts of Buckeye fans everywhere are ripped from their ribcages as Texas wins on a last-second touchdown in the Fiesta Bowl, 24-21.

As a fan of Ohio State myself, this loss hurts more than either one of the national championship debacles. I guess maybe that’s because the score was closer, and because it doesn’t matter how well the Buckeyes played against a “high-octane” team that by rights should have been playing for the national title. No, tomorrow, all the sports talk hosts will be predictably lampooning Ohio State’s failure to win in the big one the last few years. It’s a safe topic, and all sports talk hosts are uniformly retarded in their talking points.

Myself, I thought it was pure poetry that the TD that pulled the team within hope came on a pass from formerly disgraced starter Todd Boeckman to current starter/phenom Terrell Pryor. Chris “Beanie” Wells had an awesome first half, Brian Robiskie had some great catches, and I wish them both fantastic pro careers.

The defense played well except on the last possession. This one hurts. I’m sure all the Buckeye-haters and Big Ten-haters will have a field day tomorrow. The Big Ten has nothing to be proud of, as the only team to win was Iowa against a middling South Carolina team. So go knock yourselves out.

Like I said, this one sucks the worst. The Buckeyes pulled ahead with 2 minutes to go only to see redemption vanish before their eyes. Both of these teams played with heart, but since Ohio State has had a target on its back the last three years, they’re going to get unfairly lambasted tomorrow. But you know what? I think most people expected the Buckeyes to get blown out and embarassed in their usual fashion. Instead, they played a fantastic Texas team to the wire. I have no doubt it’s not going to be enough to satisfy the slobbering SEC fans. Ohio State will once again be hailed as the college Buffalo Bills. But I don’t buy it. Despite how you want to spin it, they played Texas very well. Don’t sweat it, boys. You’ve still got a bright future, and here’s one fan that’s still proud of you.

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