Liberals rediscover patriotism with election of Obama

Posted on January 7, 2009


In a heads-up post by Frank J. at IMAO, we learn that the election of Barack Obama has produced a resurgence of patriotism in the hard left. It’s ironic that September 11th forced the Berkeley Fire Department to remove flags from their trucks to prevent them from being targets for anti-war thugs while the election of Obama provoked flag-waving and Anthem-singing in those same neighborhoods. The hypocrisy and chutzpah of mocking the “idiotic knee-jerk” patriotism of the right before suddenly breaking out in a paroxysm of pro-Americanism when an election goes your way is quite simply staggering.

Reading the article, I’m struck by how easily enamored the so-called intellectual elite can become. Obama is still at this point an empty vessel – with soaring promises and no record of action, people can project whatever hopes they might have onto him. That he is seen as a fundamental shift in politics from the last four decades is yet another premature superlative foisted on a man who has yet to sign a single bill into law.

Feeling for one’s country should not be dictated by who is leading it. Conservatives would be just as crass and childish if they lost pride in our nation under Obama. In actuality, Obama’s presidency will probably mirror that of Clinton and, yes, some aspects of Bush. The true irony will be when these now-ecstatic hard leftists come to that same realization.

UPDATE: Great post at Big Hollywood noting the newly found love of country for the Hollywood set.

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