California student to auction off virginity

Posted on January 12, 2009


It’s one of those “Are you freakin’ kidding me?” headlines. Unfortunately, it’s true. Natalie Dylan, 22, plans on auctioning off her virginity to pay for grad school. The offers so far have peaked at over $3 million. The punchline? She wants a masters in Family and Marriage Therapy. She discussed her “plight” on the Howard Stern show recently, and explained she felt more inclined to pursue this particular course after her sister, an “employee” at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, paid for her degree after three weeks of “work.”

As a libertarian, of course you can say she can do whatever she wants with her body and her virginity (though selling it in an auction is prostitution, no matter how you slice it). I guess the issue I have is if you have waited 22 years, why just now decide to cash in that V-card? In today’s world a 22-year-old virgin is an increasing rarity, especially one as attractive as Ms. Dylan and who obviously seems not to come from an overly religious family (her sister is a sex worker, for crying out loud).

More than one gal has used the “I’m just doing it to get through school” line to justify whatever (and I’m sure a few guys have as well). I know how ridiculous student loans can be to pay off, but there are other options (grants, scholarships, jobs that don’t involve STD risk, etc.) and if her final career field is one that doesn’t pay well enough to support a student loan payment, maybe it’s not worth six years of college to get into. And her career choice does strike me as odd. Is she going to use this experience when she’s doing therapy for couples or for families? (“I understand you two have been fighting over money. I think it might be helpful if you looked at creative ways at resolving this conflict … like one of you whoring yourself until you get more financially stable. This is going to really bring you two closer.”)

Undoubtedly, Ms. Dylan is a controversy-loving publicity seeker striving to drive up her asking price. That’s her choice, though not one I’d be pleased with had my sister or daughter made it. I personally am saddened by yet another small example of the continued coarsening of our culture, and I hope she finds her education to be worth it. If she were my daughter, I would probably have just advised her to get another student loan … or at least work at Hooters, for God’s sake!

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