Another President, another burned likeness

Posted on January 13, 2009



With a new President comes fresh hatred from abroad. Iranian demonstrators protesting Gaza burned Obama’s likeness in front of the Swiss embassy before running over some more of his pictures in cars. (Heads-up from MM.)

Look, I didn’t vote for the guy, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy seeing his face burn in a country that hates us. It should serve as a reminder, however, that the election of Barack Obama isn’t going to unite the earth in hope and wonder and magically solve all of the world’s problems. Obama is now the face of the Great Satan in the Arab street, and that’s not going to change unless Obama completely renounces Israel – which should never happen, but is still a very remote chance. It ought to give Obama pause as he plans to give a major address in a Muslim nation. Might be time to rethink that idea.

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