Obama picks on his favorite journalists, the rest don’t bother

Posted on January 13, 2009


In a heads-up article at Newsbusters, we find out from Chicago Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin that President-Elect Obama pre-picks journalists for questions and the others “don’t even bother raising their hands.” It isn’t the entire focus of Marin’s piece but the revelation is surprising, nonetheless.

Media bias during the 2008 campaign was quite evident, and was even noted by some Obama supporters. You had Chris Matthews’ now-famous leg-tingle. You had that plane full of reporters ogling Obama in jeans. You had softball questions and messianic Rolling Stone covers, and an anonymous journalist noting how hard it was to be objective covering the One.

Well, now Obama has been elected President, and his policies deserve at least a bare minimum of scrutiny. To have a politician dictate who and who may not ask a query is at the very least troubling, and cannot be allowed to continue. The republic cannot survive with a lazy or, as is the case here, a complicit press corps. The hard questions need to come before a disastrous policy decision, not in the post-mortem analysis. It’s why fawning media coverage should worry not just Republicans and conservatives, but all Americans.

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