Lavish Obama inauguration contrasts with treatment four years ago

Posted on January 14, 2009


The inauguration of Barack Obama is on track to be the most expensive swearing-in in history, with a projected price tag in the article, including security and other costs, of £133 million, which converts to a little over $194 million. Such lavishness in a time of economic turmoil ought to raise a few eyebrows, but you’ll hear nary a peep from media commentators, who indeed seem to be egging on the extravagance.

Contrast with the coverage four years ago, when the economy was undoubtedly better. Bush was then lambasted for his supposed exorbitance during a time of war and criticized for the inauguration’s “huge cost and unprecedented security.” Well, we’re still at war and times are tighter, but as far as the talking heads are concerned, it should be full speed ahead. Double standard? Media bias? Nah, no way. It’s all fun and games this time around.

In this difficult economic time, one in which we are lectured might soon rival the Great Depression, President-Elect Obama tells us “everyone is going to have to give something,” and warns of belt-tightening in government. Apparently, that will all have to wait until January 21st. Until then, it’s party on!

Update: Others are catching onto this issue. Michelle Malkin has some more info on the howling protests of four years ago versus the fist-pumping this time around.

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