Plane crash miracle on the Hudson River

Posted on January 15, 2009



In an absolute miraculous display of piloting skill, a US Airways plane crash-landed in the Hudson River this afternoon with no loss of life. Boats on the scene immediately sprang into action, sailing in to rescue passengers exiting into the frigid waters and cold New York City air. The accident was apparently caused by a flock of birds taking out both of the plane’s engines, and the FAA has stressed no terrorism was involved. The pilot, Chesley B. Sullenberger, or “Sully” as he is also known, is an absolute hero – his skill and expertise averted a tragedy as he was able to land the plane under extreme conditions and save the lives of his passengers and crew. Here is a photo of the man of the hour:


We ought to be thankful that everyone came out of this fine, and we ought to be heartened by the rapid action of New Yorkers to help out their fellow man. This is the strength of our nation, and it is what makes our country great.

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