The inauguration of Obama – a brief reflection

Posted on January 19, 2009



Tomorrow will see the inauguration of America’s 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama.

Stepping back and taking off the partisan hat for a moment, I fully appreciate the historic nature of this event, the ascension of America’s first black President, made especially more poignant one day after the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Dr. King would have indeed been proud to see the day when a majority of Americans felt no compunction against voting for an African-American, and the vast majority of those who didn’t did so on policy and ideological grounds alone (despite what the other side would have you believe).

Obama has been hailed as the post-racial, post-partisan President – sadly, he is neither. Democrats in Congress seem loathe to pay even token respect the Republican minority and indeed are thinking of criminal prosecutions for outgoing administration officials. Dr. King admonished us to judge people not on the color of the skin, but on the content of their character. Regrettably, despite Obama’s election, race is still today used to classify and categorize what one’s lifestyle and political views should be, both positively and negatively.

No, I did not vote for Obama – and yet I still wish him well. I am an American first before any other partisan loyalty, and if the country thrives and prospers under his leadership, then so much the better. My concern is that his stated goals and plans won’t achieve that prosperity, both foreign and domestic – but we shall see what temperance the reality of the office brings him.

Those who voted against him must remember to avoid the trap into which so many rabid foes of the last President became embroiled. Bitterness, hatred, and blind animosity will only serve to undermine your own cause, and if you oppose him, do so on policy, reason, and logic. If and when he acts in a manner that you would support if he belonged to a different party, then give him that credit.

The inauguration has been overhyped and overbroadcast to the degree that even ESPN and QVC will be showing coverage of the event. A lot of people are turned off by the massive celebration, and many have their own thoughts. As for me, I simply pray for this great nation and I hope for its success, no matter who the Commander-in-Chief may be. We are a great nation, and I’m proud of her regardless of what party is in power, and no matter who’s in office, I’m always thankful to have been blessed to have been born in this land of the free.

Update: Interesting opinion of the swooning in the Daily Mail.

UPDATE: The Anchoress has some good reaction and thoughts about the inauguration. And Michelle Malkin has more on the despicable display of adolescence directed at outgoing Pres. Bush, as well as some of the beautiful Inauguration Eve rhetoric. You won the election. Now please show some class.

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