Challenger remembered 23 years later

Posted on January 28, 2009



Twenty-three years ago today, on January 28, 1986, the the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded less than two minutes after launch, killing all seven crew members. Andrea Shea King shares her own experience with the tragedy, and the Anchoress remembers too.

As a space enthusiast since I was a boy, I’ve always had a soft spot for America’s space program. It’s heartwrenching to watch the coverage as the event unfolds, and it’s moving to watch President Reagan’s speech to the country afterwards. We are painfully reminded of the lives lost in the Apollo fire, and of the sadness at the loss of Columbia and her crew. All these brave heroes gave their lives in pursuit of expanding the horizons of mankind, and it’s worth a minute or two to reflect on their sacrifice as they, as Reagan put it, “slipped the surly bonds of Earth … to touch the face of God.”

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