Egyptian TV cleric gleeful over Holocaust footage

Posted on January 28, 2009


In a shocking video highlighted by Patterico from an original Hot Air post, a Muslim cleric on Egyptian TV goes on a ten-minute screed on the history of  “oppression by Jews” culminating in Holocaust footage in which he gleefully revels in their humiliation. At one point, he says, referring to a weeping concentration camp prisoner, “Look at the humiliation on his face, praise Allah.”

This visceral hatred has no basis in rationality, and it strikes me how similar to Nazism this sentiment is. The beliefs of this cleric are unfortunately not too uncommon in the Arab world, as the fact this hate-monger is able to have a TV show indicates. It’s another reason why simply reaching out to the Muslim world, as Obama is attempting to do, will not by itself have an impact, not when the fires of such reckless hate threaten to burn all hope of reason from the conflict in the Middle East.

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