The Census doesn’t belong in the White House

Posted on February 7, 2009


Further proving that the Judd Gregg nomination was not a bipartisan handshake but a subtle slap in the face, the White House announced that the Census Bureau Director will report directly to the President and not to the Commerce Secretary. The White House has said it has always wanted to re-evaluate the census process, but it only made this move after minority leaders expressed concern over Gregg’s opposition to President Clinton’s request for emergency Census funding in 2000.

Politics ought to stay out of census-taking, but it appears that the Obama team is intent on consolidating their power. If Gregg is unfit to oversee the Census, why nominate him for Commerce Secretary? The answer is that it’s all for appearances so the administration can falsely claim bipartisanship while a Democratic Governor fills Gregg’s seat and the White House takes charge of population-counting that directly affects the apportioning of Congressional districts. It deserves to get more attention and discussion so we don’t end up with a partisan statistical sampling process that serves the interests of not the nation, but one political party.

Update: John Fund at the Wall Street Journal explains the Census grab is a bad idea that’s all about politics. (Heads up from MM.)

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