Judd Gregg withdraws from Commerce Sec nomination

Posted on February 12, 2009



In a bold and surprising move, Sen. Judd Gregg withdrew from consideration to become Obama’s Commerce Secretary. He cited irreconcilable differences over the stimulus and the Census grab by the White House. Conservatives are ecstatic about  the withdrawal, and he undoubtedly made the right choice. The Obama administrations plan for the Census (which may incidentally see a court challenge by the way) should have clued anyone with a brain that Sen. Gregg would be devoid of any real power and become isolated in an administration that agrees with him on very little. The pick wasn’t made out of bipartisanship, but as a token offer that carried no real promise of cooperation.

This should be very embarassing for Obama, but I have no doubt the spin will be how partisan Gregg is being. Stripping the Commerce Department of its Census duties to bring it under the sway of the White House, however, was the real partisan move, and this departure continues a pattern of extreme rockiness for an Obama Cabinet that was once ridiculously heralded as the best in history.

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