More stimulus bad news

Posted on February 12, 2009


Michelle Malkin has posted the entire stimulus conference bill on her website (Update: Latest Senate version here) , along with a few key notes that Senator Susan Collins should be aware of:

· $9 billion for school construction was added back in (originally cut by Nelson-Collins)

· $5 billion increase for the state fiscal stabilization fund (originally cut by Nelson-Collins), making it a grand total of $53.6 billion

· $2 billion for neighborhood stabilization program, money for groups like ACORN

· $1 billion added back for Prevention & Wellness Programs, including STD education

This is addition to $8 billion for high-speed rail lines that have a good chance of benefiting Harry Reid. So much for that compromise, eh, Senator Collins? Her and the other two Republicans’ support for this bill is a joke, as the Congressional Budget Office estimates the 10-year cost of the plan will be $3.27 trillion. Yes, you read that figure correctly. World stocks are tanking due to pessimism over Obama’s economic plans, which are almost criminally irresponsible and designed not to stimulate job creation, but to reward liberal causes the left deems worthy. Even the Democrats have already backpedaled on the number of jobs this stimulus bill will create.

If anyone can’t recognize the massively disastrous boondoggle that is this spending bill, then I wonder if they’re just being hopefully ignorant or desperately partisan. This isn’t the bill America needs, but it’s the one we’re going to get.

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