Chavez now able to campaign for office for life

Posted on February 15, 2009


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has just won a term-limit referendum that allows he and other politicians to run for office indefinitely.  The measure passed something like 54% to 46% after being narrowly defeated a few years ago. Chavez of course took to the microphones to celebrate, proclaiming, “Victory! Victory! Popular victory! … A victory for the revolution.”

No matter what country, I think term limits are a good idea – it keeps fresh blood circulating in the political bloodstream and keeps forceful personalities from exerting a lengthy unhealthy influence on a society. I don’t personally like a lot of Chavez’s rhetoric, and I don’t like how cozy he’s getting with Iran and Russia, but for some reason a majority of Venezuelans thought it was a good idea to reward him with unlimited opportunity for reelection. That’s their choice, but I hope both our countries don’t come to regret that decision.

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