High school students skeptical of Obama as he visits them

Posted on February 19, 2009


In a story that may make you feel a little bit more hopeful about the future, take a look at this story  from the East Valley Tribune in Phoenix (heads up from MM). The article goes into the skeptical reactions of Dobson High School students as they watch Obama speak in their school gymnasium. They watched him on TV, so I guess the students weren’t allowed to physically attend the speech. Some students laughed and shook their heads at Obama’s proposals, questioned why Obama chose to come to their particular school, and joked that the new sod in front had been rushed in for the presidential visit.

I think a lot of folks take for granted that youth are TV-numbed MySpace zombies that don’t care about current events and when they do, go for flash and style over thoughtful substance. These students show that a lot of our kids are paying attention and forming their own opinions. It makes you feel hopeful for the future, for maybe, just maybe, the Idolization of our culture won’t take hold.

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