Jihadist kids shows – why there won’t be Middle East peace anytime soon

Posted on February 19, 2009


I meant earlier to link to this fantastic article by Patterico highlighting hateful jihadist programming shown on Palestinian TV and, yes, aimed at children. We have delightful examples of a cartoon bee wishing to follow the path of martyrdom, a giant bunny excited about getting rid of Jew filth, and a bear vowing to wage jihad and carry a gun to, of course, protect the children of Palestine. Whatever you think of Israel, you must admit their children aren’t subjected to vicious hate like this.

With violent rhetoric like this, designed to inoculate hate into the most innocent and unspoiled minds, peace in the Middle East just simply cannot be possible, not when one side has trained its youth from such a tender age to hate and kill their adversaries, and to celebrate their deaths. Patterico has it right – it’s a culture of death, and dealing with such reckless hate has no easy solution.

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