Arrogance: Obama accomplishes more in a month than any other modern President

Posted on February 24, 2009


As President Obama prepares for a State of the Union-style speech tonight, his staffers are busy pounding their chests and inflating Barack’s ego. Jake Tapper reports that a White House official made the jaw-dropping claim that “President Obama has accomplished more in 30 days than any president in modern history.” Apparently he’s got such an impressive set of wins under his belt in a span of time where previous Presidents were merely warming up their legislative efforts.

Strictly speaking, you could perhaps make an argument supporting that based on the legislation passed so far. However, we hardly know for certain yet what the ultimate effect of these “wins” is going to be on the country, and a lot of opinion is that it will be a net negative. That’s not the point – the over-the-top, “we are living history” rhetoric has got to stop. Every time we turn around, Obama is compared favorably to Lincoln, to FDR, to Kennedy, even, shockingly, to Reagan. Obama has accomplished nothing in a month except to cheerlead bills he did not write, harmful spending bills which will bankrupt the country.

The arrogance is staggering, and the narcissistic disregard for history in the sentiment does nothing to bring the country together – instead, it only serves as call to subservience to the President and his agenda, a supposed reminder that this political neophyte really is the greatest President in history, and we ought not question his motives or plans. I might have a better time accepting Obama if it weren’t for these messianic hallelujahs that have been directed towards him and which he has done nothing to dissuade, because they serve him.

“Greatest President in modern history?”

I say shut up and govern.

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