Leahy pressing forward with Bush Truth Commission

Posted on February 25, 2009


It looks like Senator Patrick Leahy is plowing forward with his plans to form a Truth Commission to investigate crimes of the Bush administration. I’ve said it before, this has nothing to do with truth and everything to do with partisan grandstanding. Leahy talks in circles about how “we cannot move forward until we understand what happened.” It’s nonsense, and Leahy knows it. If we’re to have a fair accounting, let’s not limit it to the last 8 years, let’s look at all the decisions modern Presidents have made! Of course, that’s not the goal, it’s to go on a fishing expedition to further highlight anything that can be played as a negative.

Is this really going to change the tone in Washington? Is this the bipartisanship Obama wants? I’ll tell you this, if this happens, Republicans are going to be completely alienated with little chance of ever bringing them to your side. If the goal is to have a juvenile victory dance, then I guess good for you – if the goal is to have an inclusive government, then you can kiss that goodbye. And if Obama goes along with unspoken approval, he’ll be just as guilty of the venomous partisanship he supposedly wants to get rid of.

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