Monstrous deficit in Obama’s bloated budget

Posted on February 26, 2009


President Obama today unveiled his $3.55 trillion budget that boasts a whopping $1.75 trillion deficit. So much for all that fiscal responsibility, eh? The budget will cost each American taxpayer $25,573.48.I don’t know what your financial circumstances are, but that’s over half of my yearly salary going down the drains in this sinkhole of a budget. Michelle Malkin has some other fun facts about the eye-popping budget.

Jake Tapper reports that the budget proposes nearly $1 trillion in new taxesover the next ten years. Along with Obama’s stated plan of rolling back the Bush tax cuts, we’re going to see suffocating tax hikes to pay for this monster, which is the exact opposite of what’s needed in this tenuous economic climate.

The bottom line is that this country cannot afford to be spending this amount of money because we just don’t have it, and it’s irresponsible to be racking up this much debt in a single year, debt which we keep issuing in unprecedented amounts. It’s why Senator Clinton urged China to keep buying up our financial obligations, making us beholden to a Communist nation that already controls a significant amount of our treasury notes.

The deficit will only grow larger in years to come as further spending programs are unveiled. I urge you again to look at the plight of California to see where reckless government spending growth will lead. This nation cannot sustain the stratospheric levels of debt that are being immortalized in our legislation, and I fear these moves will only serve to deepen the current economic crisis. The massive growth in government and increased dependence on its services, coupled with class-warfare-based vindictive tax policies that serve to redistribute wealth from producers to consumers, will rip America away from the populist principles of economic freedom it was founded upon. The transformation is tragic, and though there may yet be time to stay the hand of fate, the Founding Fathers will be quite restless in their graves in the months and years to come.

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