Tea Parties to kick off tomorrow across the nation

Posted on February 26, 2009


Across the nation tomorrow, Tea Parties are kicking off in protest of the unsustainable tax and spending policies exhibited in the massive $700 billion bank bailout, the monstrous $787 billion stimulus plan, the $410 omnibus spending bill, and the bloated Obama budget boasting a shocking $1.5 trillion deficit. Rick Santelli had the right idea when he said we were rewarding irresponsibility and incompetence with these agenda-driven spending measures.

Michelle Malkin has more details on the tongue-in-cheek protests. The nearest one to me is in Cleveland, and I won’t be able to attend, but I’m 100% the effort to get people to realize the destructive impact of these economic policies and how fed up so many of us are at watching our money go down the drain.

I’m adding a Tea Party Twitterbox to this post to link to what’s going on (EDIT: No I’m not, WordPress doesn’t support JavaScript widgets). Good luck to all the organizers and attendees. Maybe we’ll wake up a few people.

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