For this PAC, the Democrats aren’t liberal enough

Posted on March 2, 2009


I caught this a few days ago – apparently, a political action committee was recently formed to push the Democratic party farther to the left. The group is calling themselves Accountability Now, and has founding members from MoveOn, Salon, DailyKos, and the SEIU labor union that pledge to recruit more progressive Democrats to run against centrist Democrats in primary races.

Oddly enough, the example the article cites the example of Ned Lamont as a candidate fueled by progressive campaigning to unseat Joseph Lieberman in the Democratic primary. The only problem is that Lamont proved too progressive for the general electorate, and Lieberman won the election running as an independent.

Which brings me to this point – Democrats, if they tack farther to the left than they already are, will quickly lose support among the American people. This nation is, despite the 2008 election results, a center-right country. Obama owes his victory in part to rhetoric paying lip service to tax cuts and fiscal responsibility, and the existence of the Blue Dog Democrats indicates that even blue-leaning districts don’t want untempered liberalism. Outspoken progressives win in only the most liberal districts, and only a few decades ago the liberal George McGovern was handed a crushing electoral defeat. This is undoubtedly a different nation than the one in 1968, but I don’t see it being more enthusiastic about unabashedly left-wing politics than that time.

In my view, I say full speed ahead to Accountability Now. The blogs behind it have proven themselves to be rabidly left-wing to the detriment of their standing among the general populace. One need only look at the head-shaking MoveOn ad attacking General Petraeus to realize the kind of unhinged nutroot behavior this PAC seeks to encourage. It’s not going to help Democrats in the long run, and will, in truth, end up alienating many.

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