Our classy gift to Britain

Posted on March 5, 2009


On his recent visit to America, Prime Minister Gordon Brown brought President Obama an ornamental pen holder carved from timbers of a British anti-slave ship, a framed commission of the HMS Resolute, and a first-edition copy of Winston Churchill’s biography by Sir Martin Gilbert. So what did our President give in return?

Twenty-five DVDs.

I’m being completely serious. There’s no way I could make this up (no, instead I got the heads up from RedState). Apparently the DVD set was put together by the American Film Institute, but honestly, it’s a list of titles that anyone could pick up at the local video store.

It’s, quite frankly, embarrassing. It’s the equivalent of getting a horrible Christmas sweater, except that it’s from one head of state to another, to one of our strongest allies, and given Brown’s somewhat thoughtful gifts, it comes off as shallow and amateur. It’s one more snub after the return of the Churchill bust that shows that Obama doesn’t have the first clue on how to be diplomatic on the global stage. The Brown visit was his first major visit from a dignitary, and he blew it … big time.

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