Bad paintings of Barack Obama

Posted on March 7, 2009


In a massive heads-up from commenter Matt Ralph’s site of, I pass along to you the hugely kitschy I don’t know if I can describe the humor in this collection of artwork (hit the arrow in the lower-right corner to refresh a badly-rendered version of hopeychanginess).

Well, maybe I can. It’s a mixture of misguided hopeful aspirations with horrible craftsmanship to produce a snort-worthy gallery of errors.

A few of my favorites:


(Looks more like Bill Cosby than Pres 44…)


(In a bad ripoff of the campaign posters, Barack looks like he has to take a massive #2)


(I have no idea what this is supposed to represent – Obama’s presidency means multi-colored Mexicans occupy the White House?)


(I’m glad someone captured Barack’s Native American heritage …)


(The most symbolic of Obama’s presidency … a bad R. Kelly video)

They’re just jokes, folks. Check out the site for more, I think they’re uploading additional images.

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