Detroit has 200,000 extra voters

Posted on April 9, 2009


This kind of story just makes you shake your head. (Heads up from RedState) From an article in the Detroit Free Press, Detroit has nearly 200,000 more registered voters than it has people over 18. Basically, Detroit reports a total of about 630,000 registered voters, but the actual number of real voters is estimated to be around 420,000. The cause for the massive bloat on the voter rolls is a federal law saying that election officials must wait two federal election cycles before purging names from the list.

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to consider the massive potential for voter fraud that 200,000 unused voter registrations engenders. I understand the massive pressure and bureaucracy that election officials must go through, so I don’t place the blame squarely on them. Rather, in our admirable goal of making voting more accessible, it’s almost as if we have made our most important civic duty too easy, as gaming the system seems to be a rather simple matter if you have the right plan.

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