Keep an eye on Pakistan – Taliban 60 miles from capital

Posted on April 23, 2009


There is worrisome news out of Pakistan that Taliban militants, already handed the Swat Valley, are battling in the Buner district and by some reports are 60 miles from the capital of Islamabad.
For an illustration, here is a map from the Daily Mail article:


Patterico is rightly concerned, and Allahpundit says it may be time to start freaking out about Pakistan. At the very least we should keep a close eye on the situation. As everyone knows, Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons, and if they should fall into Taliban hands it will be an absolute disaster for the region and will immediately pose a threat to American interests here and abroad.

Much was made of Joe Biden’s comment that Obama would be “tested” early in his Presidency. The North Korean missile launch was one of those tests, but this is a far greater challenge, with the consequences of failure much more dramatic. At times like this you have to just hope President Obama takes a strong stand in this crisis, and I pray that he doesn’t have a Carter moment and merely watch unapprovingly as Pakistan and its nuclear weapons fall into unfriendly hands. I have no idea how he will respond, but I hope it’s well. The nuke issue makes this situation of urgent importance, because a nuclear-armed Taliban is too frightening to contemplate.

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