Congresswoman brags health care reform will hurt private health industry

Posted on May 1, 2009


During the upcoming debate, it might be helpful to remember this video of Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (yes, the same Schakowsky who decried the Tea Parties as ugly and hateful) pumping up a crowd of health care activists. She basically admits that government health care is going to drastically harm private health insurers while she advocates the “superiority” of a public health system.

I’m going to revisit public health care another time, but just remember this when universal health care advocates try to sell the idea that a government system will only augment the current system, or downplay the notion that the private health industry will suffer much. As the debate continues, we ought to remember that government health care supporters know full well what their policies will wreak on the private health sector, and they simply don’t care, as the goal of a universally run government health bureaucracy seems just too good to be bothered with downsides and other potential consequences.

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