Specter uses Kemp’s death to harp on GOP

Posted on May 4, 2009



If you needed further proof of what a spectacular human being Arlen Specter is, you can find it in an interview the newly-minted Democrat had with CBS’ Bob Schieffer. In addition to cooing how much more comfortable he’s becoming with the Democrats’ approach (Only took a couple days! What principles!), Specter grumbles that the Republicans’ health-care priorities were one reason he left the party. He then makes the outrageous claim that had the GOP pursued a more moderate path on health care, the recently deceased Jack Kemp would still be alive today.

Michelle Malkin is calling Specter Human Ipecac over the comment, Ed Morrisey rolls his eyes and corrects the record, and Moe Lane calls it an act of desecration. The remark is at best ill-advised and at worst absolutely reprehensible, as the death of a cherished conservative should not be exploited for rhetorical flourish, particularly by a man who bolted his party to save his own electoral hide.

I’m literally just in awe at the speed of Arlen Specter’s complete turnaround. Just a few weeks ago he was bashing Obama’s spending and praising the Senate Republicans. Now, he’s strutting like a peacock over all the attention. Specter can carp all he wants how he didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left him. The fact remains the switch was an act of pure political opportunism, no principles involved. And a disgusting comment like this further underscores the lack of character possessed by one Senator from Pennsylvania.

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