EPA/OMB memo damages cap-and-trade credibility

Posted on May 12, 2009


An intra-agency internal memo between the Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of Management and Budget has some golden nuggets that shoot holes in the theory of absolute necessity for Obama’s cap-and-trade proposal. First is the admission that greenhouse gas regulation will severely harm our nation’s economy (heads-up from Hot Air). Even more shocking is the acknowledgement that no one, at the EPA or otherwise, had proven that greenhouse gases are dangerous to humans (another heads-up to Hot Air).

Administration officials are quickly saying the memo was written by a “Bush hold-over,” then conveniently don’t name the person. The damage is done, as it seems that among themselves, government officials are questioning the validity of global warming models and worrying about the negative economic impact, then trying to sell us on the intrinsic goodness of a cap-and-trade program. I am receptive to scientific arguments, but I have long thought that the man-made global warming hysteria is a bill of goods we’re being sold to propagate more government authority and control over our economy and behavior. For an excellent and informed discussion on the scientific issues surrounding global warming, I’d refer you to meteorologist Anthony Watt’s web site. Regardless, this is a story that deserves more attention as the cap-and-trade debate gains more steam.

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