Memorial Day

Posted on May 24, 2009


So another Memorial Day is upon us, marking the unofficial beginning of the summer season and ushering in all the niceties and Americana that the lazy months of June, July, and August bring us year after year. I’ll unfortunately be spending the day the same way I spent Saturday and Sunday – at work (bacteria don’t take holidays, alas), but all across this nation, people will be spending the day at the pool, at barbecues, at parks and baseball games with family and friends.

On this long weekend of kicking up your heels, I’d ask you to take just a few moments for the reason for this holiday, and the reason we’re able to enjoy the creature comforts and freedoms we constantly take for granted – our fallen servicemen and women, not only those who died on the battlefield, but those who lived through their conflicts and have passed on.

From Lexington to Inchon, Dunkirk to Da Nang, Manassas to Mosul, those who risked their lives and gave the ultimate sacrifice deserve our eternal thanks. To their families we owe a debt that can never be repaid. Our nation exists today because of their bravery and patriotism, and every last one of them is a hero.

I have many family and friends that have served in the military, but thankfully none have died in combat. My grandfather served in World War II on the sub-hunter Hugh Pervis, and we lost him several years ago. Many others weren’t as lucky as he to live through that great conflict, or any of the others that blight our history. To paraphrase Lee Greenwood, let us not forget the men and women who have died to safeguard our precious freedoms.

Wherever you are, fallen heroes, I hope that a grateful nation remembers you. I know I will.

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