John Kasich to run for governor of Ohio

Posted on June 2, 2009



Former Congressman John Kasich told a group of supporters in Westerville, OH on Monday evening that he is entering the fray and running for governor of the Buckeye State in 2010. An excellent account of the rally can be found at RedState.

I must confess to a degree of ignorance regarding Kasich, as his glory years came at a time when I was younger and not very mindful of politics. However, John Kasich seems like a decent enough man who made an impact during an 18-year stint in Congress. He’s known and respected nationally, and I’ll be very interested to follow his campaign and see how he’ll challenge incumbent Ted Strickland. The race will be a key one for the GOP, for if they can take back the governorship, along with retaining Voinovich’s Senate seat via Rob Portman, it may signal the beginning of a national comeback for a party for which many have already held funeral services. Kasich may the man to do it, but we’ll just have to see.

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