Newsweek editor: Obama “sort of God”

Posted on June 8, 2009



Evan Thomas, assistant managing editor of Newsweek, spoke on Hardball in the manner that you would expect from an objective journalist interested in the cold hard facts: he said President Obama was “kind of God” in how he stood above the country’s past so-called provincialism. He went on to suggest that Obama’s “shtick” is that he’s the teacher, the man who will tell us all to stop fighting and come together. Thomas, if I remind you, is not a columnist or a contributor, he is a senior editor at one of the most celebrated news magazines. He’s also the man who admitted in 2004 that favorable news coverage gave John Kerry an estimated 15 point bounce in the polls.

People shrug their shoulders when conservatives point out media bias, somehow thinking that the existence is the balancing force in the news universe. Fox News, though, is laughingly brushed aside by the intelligentsia while they embrace news sources just as, if not more, biased in the opposite direction. When you see instances like this, a senior editor at a major news magazine practically gushing over his favorite politician, how exactly do you dispute a bias, no matter what degree, in the newsrooms of all the supposedly objective and erudite news rags?

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