Election protests continue in Iran

Posted on June 15, 2009



(Image credit: AP via Times Online)

Anger over Friday’s election results continued into Monday as Iranian experts predict a coming crackdown on demonstrations. Hundreds of thousands marched through the Iranian capital of Tehran, and at one point, gunmen opened fire on a group of protesters who had tried to storm a pro-government militia compound, killing one (Hot Air has some videoand Michelle Malkin has some images). Meanwhile, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has ordered a probe of the vote results as rumors swirl that several sets of election numbers were circulating before election day.

Sen. Joe Lieberman has called for loud support of the protesters, and polls show two-thirds of Americans think the President is needlessly pussy-footing around with Iran. I’d caution people against thinking that Mirhossein Mousavi is some kind of savior that will instantly change the situation for the US. True, his rhetoric isn’t as radical as Ahmadinejad’s, but he still favors Iranian nukes, his record isn’t one of a Westernized liberal democrat, and whoever wins still ends up as a mouthpiece for the Iranian Grand Council (though Patterico disagrees on that). As I’ve seen elsewhere, the left in particular bought into the Mousavi as “reformer” vs. Ahmadinejad the “ideologue,” an equation that projects their own misconceptions about Obama and Bush and reflects a desire to continue the narrative that Obama’s existence would spark a massive shift in world politics.

In any case, I hope for a peaceful and just resolution for the Iranian people. I’m not sure that one will be forthcoming, and I fear more violence in the days ahead. Even if our leaders don’t say it, I shall: Our hearts are with you, people of Iran.

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