Iranian crisis continues

Posted on June 21, 2009



Allahpundit’s been doing a fine job rounding up the latest tidbits on the Iranian crisis. Even though most people probably aren’t checking the news on Sunday, the protests are still continuing, and journalists are still being ushered out of the country. Video of a female student being gunned down has gone viral and has further inflamed opinion (Hot Air has her identified as Neda Agha Soltan). From what I can tell, it doesn’t seem to me that we’ve hit the high-water mark for the tensions yet, and I fear the worst is still yet to come.

President Obama finally came out and condemned the violence, but his administration (as well as some opposition Senators) seems to still want to press ahead with negotiations with the Ahmadinejad regime after this all blows over. I’m with Ed Morrissey on this one – going forward with talks with a regime that so clearly thinks nothing of rigging elections and cracking down with oppression and violence will only legitimize that barbarous regime, who will use the dialogue to show their people that, “See, we really are the right guys to lead you.”

And in my opinion, the whole “meddling” thing seems like a kind of weak argument for delaying comment on the unrest in Iran. True, we played a part in installing the shah. True, support that’s too strong could be used as proof that America wants to overthrow another regime. Problem is, the mullahs will probably use that excuse anyway to delegitimize the opposition, and saying nothing at all makes us look weak and uncaring.

One more closing thought: you may see more gushing coverage of Obama’s ice cream trip with his daughters. While it’s a nice image for Father’s Day, it’s also not overly newsworthy, but will be slobbered over regardless. Patterico has an eye-opening contrast between the Twitter feeds of an Iranian student and a CBS news correspondent. It’s a sad commentary on the misplaced priorities of our domestic media and the saccharine love affair they have with all things celebrity, whether those celebrities be politicos or not.

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