Are Levi Johnston’s 15 minutes up yet?

Posted on July 13, 2009


In the wake of Sarah Palin’s resignation from the governorship of Alaska, news networks and morning shows have been referring to the most credible source on the subject: Levi Johnston. His impeccable credentials are as follows:

  1. He got Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol pregnant.
  2. He doesn’t like Sarah Palin.

That’s about it, really. But that’s enough to get you interviews with CNN and the Today Show in which seasoned anchors hang on every word of your reasoned analysis. From Johnston, we learn that “fame got to Palin’s head,” that she wanted to do a reality show, and that Palin will never have his vote.

I was, in the beginning, willing to shrug off Levi Johnston as a teen stuck in a tough situation. But as he continues to get more face time and his criticism of Gov. Palin seems to ratchet up every time, I find myself more and more unable to identify with a man who is willing to go on national television and badmouth the grandmother of his child. It’s becoming clear that Mr. Johnston is trying to parlay his circumstance into 15 minutes of national notoriety, and if he has to demonstrate bad manners to do so, well, then so be it.

I don’t know, though, which is more shameful –  Mr. Johnston’s behavior or that of the national media who are so willing to treat his every harmful word as nonbiased gospel. Their goal is the same as it has always been – to unfairly paint a negative caricature to destroy her in the political realm. You will never convince me otherwise that all the media coverage of her family concerns had any other design than that. The Vice President’s daughter can be caught snorting cocaine on video (in what was in fairness a setup), but nothing to see there, folks, that’s family matters only. But the baby-daddy of Palin’s grandkid wants to spout off? It’s all fair game, baby!

I’m inclined to agree in principle with Pat Buchanan who muses that Todd Palin ought to, shall we say, take Mr. Johnston to task for the treatment of his wife and daughter. I’m not sure that Sarah Palin is the conservative savior for America, let alone a cure for the GOP’s woes, but I am certain that those inclined to hatefully Springer-ize her political career ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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