Obama “not familiar” with portions of health care bill

Posted on July 21, 2009



In a conference call with liberal bloggers, President Obama fielded a question regarding Section 102 of the health care reform bill, a section that deals with outlawing private insurance. The liberal blogger was looking for ammunition to use against critics, but what was the President’s answer?

You know, I have to say that I am not familiar with the provision you are talking about.

So President Obama is planning on pushing a plan through Congress with truncated time for debate and deliberation while ignorant of significant portions of the bill. How in the world can the public believe anything this man promises regarding health care reform when comments like this make it seem like he’s pulling facts and statements out of thin air?

The wheels seem to be coming off the plan as the public becomes more and more wary of the disaster that a government-run and taxpayer-funded health insurance would be. Yet despite all the public outcry and displeasure, as well as all the skittishness among moderate Democrats, there’s a good chance that the bill could still pass with enough arm-twisting. Obama says the bill isn’t about him, yet he seems determined to quickly sign a bill so he can have his shining moment in front of the cameras and claim “We got it done!” Consequences be damned, of course.

The stimulus is already an albatross around the neck of the administration, and I’m beginning to think that Obama has inexorably tied his fortunes to this health care bill. It seems his ego won’t let political pragmatism get in the way of crafting a centrist bill that lowers the real cost of health care instead of shifting the cost to taxpayers. In his eyes, America cannot afford to think about health care reform, we simply must have it now. And make no mistake, we’ll pay the price for such reckless foolhardiness.

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