Amendment in health care plan mandates taxpayer funding for abortion

Posted on July 31, 2009


This should be a much bigger story. Yesterday Rep. Lois Capps proposed an amendment the the House health care bill that will “allow federal funding of elective abortion for those enrolled in the ‘public option’, mandate that every regional Health Exchange offer at least one private insurance plan that provides abortion coverage, and permits taxpayer subsidies of private insurance plans that cover abortion.” (From Red State) Republicans tried to offer an amendment striking the provisions, but Chairman Henry Waxman saw to it that they stood.

This goes beyond the libertarian arguments of “It’s my body, so live and let live.” This effectively forces half the country to subsidize a practice that is antithetical to their moral and religious beliefs. It’s one thing to believe that women should have the right to an abortion; it is quite another to make others pay for it.

If the Capps amendment stands, it ought to be one of the points highlighted over the August recess that make the health care bill untenable. Regardless of your stance on abortion, providing government funds in the public plan and reimbursing private insurers for them is simply unacceptable. This isn’t centrist governance by any means, and it’s ironic considering President Obama on his recent visit with Pope Benedict XVI told the pontiff he wanted to reduce the number of abortions.

Paying for them with taxpayer money sure seems like a funny way of doing that. This is just one more reason why the current health care plan is a disaster that this nation will not be able to stomach.

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