Congressmen get an earful on first day of recess

Posted on August 3, 2009



Members of the House of Representatives got some angry reaction when they went back to their home districts, much of which was captured on YouTube. Rep. Tim Bishop got it in Setauket, NY when he said the VA is a great system and an actual veteran pointed out that he has to wait two months to see a doctor. The rest of his constituents gave it to him over health care and cap and trade, and Rep. Lloyd Doggett got just as warm a welcome in Austin, TX.

Even more interesting is the town hall in Philadelphia, PA with Sen. Arlen Specter and HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius. An attendee asks how the people can have faith in Congress when they scoff at reading bills, and Specter inanely responds that Senators have to “make decisions fast” on them. The crowd explodes with anger. Keep in mind, this is Philadelphia, not the heart of the deep South.

It might be easy to marginalize those speaking out and blow them off as Tea Partiers. Thing is, this isn’t being coordinated like the Tea Parties were – these are constituents showing up and getting vocal about their concerns. It’s important that people remain respectful, but there’s palpable anger over the seemingly oblivious way Congress is going about its business, more interested in the wishes of activists and donors than those of the people who voted for them.

August is going to be an interesting month.

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